Opportunity And Obstacles Of Pre- Schooling

the most difficult decision a parents make is when, how and where they need their kid to start the education and what type of preschool will be helpful for the child because there is so many different early schooling systems are now introduce like; daycare, early learning Centre, pre schooling and they all are different, work differently from each other some are just for learning purposes, some start educating the child and some only keep the baby like what a baby sitter will do. Mostly parents consider this as a positive thing but the fact is there Is something negative and positive both things involve whatever we do, now its depends on the percentage of negativity that might affect the child or to parents as well, when child get affected on anything parents will also get affected. The better thing is to keep the pros and cons first and then make a better decision. 

When parents making decision of starting the school, basic question which come in mind is which one will be beneficial for the kid this depends upon the parents whether they want their child to be on time table and they must learn when to eat, sleep and play this mostly beneficial for working mothers whereas Chatswood preschool will start teaching kid what are things and start the basic learning like shapes, colors that will make them towards learning. Preschool kids considered to be more active and easily get adjusted in the school environments, early learning make kid able to be more social and gel in with his surrounding as compare to the kid who never visit the early learning, they will face some issues they usually don’t want to leave mothers and home easily.

There is quite obvious disadvantages as well because when kids go to the schools in early ages where they adopt everything what they see whether its right or wrong at that point there will be no parent to stop or tell the kid to stop what they are doing, secondly the cost which preschools charge is very much in amount because they give children best and educated teachers which give their hundred percent to make your kid learn about things, but the drawback is one teacher is for 30 to 40 kids at a time which will not give a complete attention to one kid that sometimes create negative impact on the child and feel offended that make child rude with parents too, now these all things depend upon the parents what experience they want their kids to take on the early stages of their life, because the supervision which parents can give to the kid cannot be expected from any other person.