Role Of The Pediatrician In A Childs Life

Is there anything important other than kids’ life? good pediatrician is like a blessing because when a baby born till the age of three they are not able to say anything and we as a normal person don’t understand what problem they have and what they are going through only the good pediatrician can understand because they are experts and have the knowledge and they have the skills to recognize and understand the kids feelings and the pain. Health and wellness come first then other things. Pediatrician plays an important role in kids’ lives. kids health which includes physical behaviour and mental health. Physical health includes any sort of disability because when a baby born it’s not possible to recognize any disability until at the age of 6 months and only the pediatrician can able to recognize it because of their specialization.

Duties and responsibilities of pediatrician:

Pediatrician plays an important role in the life of the newborn until the age of 18. Pediatrician responsibilities are more than normal doctors because they have to deal with the newborns and kids who are not able to speak and express. Treating newborn is not easy but pediatrician has special training. Most of the time kids get an injury while playing and they are difficult to handle because most of the kids get cranky when they are not well. The sign of good pediatrician is to handle kids in a friendly way that cheer them up and make them feel good.

Communication skills are important:

Communication skills matter the most in the life of doctors because communication is the key to success and a good doctor. Common pediatric osce stations where you are able to learn how to communicate with the patients and how to take the details of the patients by asking several questions which require in depth information.

Osce stations:

There is a number of different osce stations which require and need different information. Each station is based on different analysis for the clinical examination. OSCE from OSCE Frameworks is all about the assessments which measure the performance of the student who will become doctors and get trained through the process of stations.


Osce framework is the best institute where they trained the students through several steps which help them in many ways for pursuing their career. Good common paediatric OSCE stations trained the students for their specialization in the pediatric field. Objective structured clinical examination is based on student performance which measured by the seniors’ doctor who train them. Training is needed to achieve clinical competencies.